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Unlike episodes 7 and 8, viewers want to stick around for both a mid-credit score moment and a remaining post-credits bumper earlier than ducking out of Disney Plus. And whereas cryptic, both connect the dots between Marvel Studios’ introduced movie plans – and even some of the long-run tales on Disney Plus. The finale wrapped the drama up with a bow and, in Marvel tradition, used two after-credits scenes to tee up the following chapters in its characters’ tales. There aren’t many individuals within the Marvel Cinematic Universe who may recruit Monica from the stars. In the first, mid-credit sequence, Monica Rambeau, now powered as a nascent version of Photon, runs point on the clear-up of Westview and the arrest of SWORD’s Tyler Hayward, who, despite season-lengthy rumors, did not pull off his human mask to reveal Mephisto or some other criminal entity – he sucked!.

Then, while Jimmy Woo attends to G-man issues, a random agent pulls Monica apart within the local film theater to speak shop. Whereas it may very well be fitting and utterly in the character of Chris Evans to have aged out and moved on from involvement with the Avengers, we hope that’s WandaVision Official Merchandise not the case. In theory, all of it labored out. Every incorporates hints on the larger state of affairs, how most of the episodes play out like specific basic-era Television comedies: Wanda and Imaginative and prescient prepare a meal for Vision’s boss, they partake in a neighborhood expertise show, they put together the nursery of their groovy dwelling. That each one got here too gentle in the previous eight episodes. WandaVision episode 9, the ultimate episode of the season, doesn’t leave much hope for a WandaVision season 2: Working with the title The Sequence Finale, the final episode concludes the saga of Wanda Maximoff’s recreation of Vision, an encounter with the magic-wielder Agatha Harkness, and discovery of her Scarlet Witch id.

Will Wanda seemingly lose her youngsters by the end of the series? And given the wholly supernatural origin of this pregnancy, there’s no cause to assume Wanda and Imaginative and prescient will want to attend the full nine months to satisfy their sons. Our new badge-carrying good friend reveals herself to be a Skrull, saying she was sent by a previous friend of your mother’s. The old pal wants to meet. We might see the MCU scrapping a number of the extra sophisticated elements of Billy and Tommy’s again-story, how we could also see WandaVision drawing from the traditional Avengers comics. We’ve got a decided chaos magical range of WandaVision merchandise for you to get pleasure from, accessible throughout our huge reductions and exclusive presents! As he has grown weary, he provides them a selection: kill him and risk another multiversal battle or exchange him in overseeing the TVA and a singular timeline.