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The London Gazette The London Gazette. 7 July 1804. p. Mutine, underneath the command of Lieutenant Thomas Bladen Capel, had been sent out on 13 August with a second copy and so turned the primary ship to file the victory while she arrived at Naples on 3 September. Once Nelson had met up with the British ships of the road that had been joining him, he sent Mutine, his sole scouting vessel, to Civitavecchia to hunt information concerning the whereabouts of the French. On 5 June 1798, Mutine met up with Rear-Admiral Horatio Nelson at San Pietro Island, off Sardinia, informing him that ten ships of the road and a 50-gun ship had been on their approach to affix him.

Ultimately, Nelson and the French met in Egypt. Mutine returned from these duties in early 1799, by which time the French had occupied Naples. Mutine additionally visited Naples and Alexandria, arriving and leaving before the French fleet arrived, whereas looking for information on the French fleet. The French sailors augmented the drive that Lieutenant Common Antonio Gutiérrez de Otero y Santayana cobbled collectively to resist and, in the long run, repel the British attack, which became a debacle that valued Rear-Admiral Horatio Nelson his proper arm. The third charge, Vanguard, and Orion, captured two Spanish merchantmen out of a flotilla of 15 before nelson ordered his vessels to abandon the chase. Mutine later rejoined Nelson without having discovered something. Hardy was wounded in action, as were 14 other British officers and men within the chopping-out occasion.

The British also captured the French polacca Il Reconniscento. He then sailed her out of the port to the British fleet under heavy fireplace from shore and naval guns. He meets up with Filumena and tries to power an answer out of her, but she reveals nothing more. After Filumena expresses her want to be solely his woman, Domenico arranges a leased home for her, with Rosalie as a maid and alfredo Aldo Puglisi as the butler, and arranges a job for her in his store. Hardy was already in command of her, Captain Benjamin Howell having appointed him as a reward for the seizure. Capel handed over command to Lieutenant William Hoste, who rosalia official merchandise traveled overland and arrived with the dispatches at the Admiralty on 2 October.