Vanilla visa Gift Card and the Art of Time Management

This year, summer is full of surprises for those looking for business gifts for summer 2020.With the arrival of spring and the change of time, the joy that good weather brings begins to be noticed in the atmosphere. The streets and terraces begin to fill with people, making it the perfect time for Street marketing campaigns, such as merchandise distribution for the summer.

At the time of the holidays it is very common to see how large companies take advantage to give personalized business gifts for the summer. During this time the consumption of media such as television is reduced considerably, so it is important to look for other advertising media. Vanilla gifts cards are very much popular as gifts, vanilla visa gift card balance can be chosen for the same. 

Original business gifts for summer

Custom speakers

Custom speakers are in high demand, especially by companies that belong to the hospitality sector. This year, wireless bluetooth speakers triumph as business gifts for the summer. They are small, easy to transport and of great use by customers, whether on a terrace, on the beach or in the mountains.

One of the novelties that are been seen this year are the great designed speakers, highlighting the speakers with bamboo casing.

Custom sunglasses

One of the novelties that summer presents to be the speaker glasses. Sunglasses with UV400 protection and integrated bluetooth speaker and hands-free function. One of the newest summer gifts for customers that you can find this year.

Cheap business gifts for summer

Custom bags

The growing concern of people about caring for the environment has been one of the main reasons for the increase in sales of personalized bags in recent years. Likewise, personalized cloth bags or personalized backpacks become the business gift for the star summer due to its constant use, both for people who go to the beach and for those who go to the mountains.

Custom fans

In recent years, the sale of personalized fans for events such as weddings has become popular. Its usage trend depends on both the season of the year in which you are and the locality of the country where the marketing action or event is going to be carried out. On the coast, center or south of the country, personalized fans are a highly demanded personalized summer gift.

Car parasols

A summer classic. Who doesn’t remember the custom car umbrellas? One of the summer merchandising items that perhaps most transports you to childhood.

Custom caps

Although it is perhaps during the summer when you see more caps, its use extends to other times of the year. What’s more, every time you see more people protect themselves from the cold of winter with caps.